How can I help you?

What if you focused only on your business ?

Let me deal with your secretarial and administrative tasks !


Do you need a ponctual or recurrring assistance ? a service on demand without any commitment ?
 I could be the solution !
No more hiring papers with all social charges…


Expenses control Privacy

Policy and discretion assured


Seasonal business, extra work, special topic… whatever the need, if it requires a few hours of assistance a day, week or month

No job is too big !

This is a non exhaustive list on my services :


Typed documents

Mails (distributed incoming messages and correspondence)

Orders and purchases management

Sheduling and coordinated meetings, appointments, travel arrangments…

Welcoming clients and visitors

Excel Spreadsheet create (report, budgets,

filing systems…)


Clients invoices set up

Suppliers and clients payments control

Bank statments reconciliation

TVA tax preparation

Chorus Pro (competitive tender process)

According to the ordonnance 45-2138 dated on 19 september 1945, art. 2, al. 1 & 2,  I could not practise any accountancy missions on professionnal software


DPAE (hiring declaration)

Prepared and updated specials reports (ex : BTP card, AST74)

Monthly times records preparation

Update employee personnel files

French vacation allowances (caisse des congés BTP, PRO BTP…)



Public tender

Remainder clients payments

Processing of claims